Artfully Rebuilding Together provides a wide range of counseling and art therapy services to those in all stages of life.

Individual Counseling and Individual Art Therapy

Through the use of traditional counseling, as well as art media and the creative process, feelings and emotions are explored in order to resolve conflict, foster self-awareness, reduce anxiety, manage behavior and addictions and a number of other issues that you may be facing as an individual. 

Family Counseling and Art Therapy

The use of art therapy provides a safe setting that allows families to interact, communicate and explore dynamics that are more difficult in a traditional counseling session. This form of therapy engages emotions and fosters communication that leads to resolution of relationship concerns, blended family issues, or any other relational issue within your family. 

Group Counseling and Art Therapy

Counseling within a group session allows you to connect with others facing similar issues, providing connection, support and hope. Session sizes vary, but are kept relatively small to allow for more individual participation. Art therapy is incorporated to explore and express feelings and emotions that are difficult in traditional talk-therapy.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

This form of therapy focuses on improving the relationship that you have with your child. It will provide you with tools to emphasize appropriate behaviors in your kids, while decreasing inappropriate behaviors. It will provide you with consistent and predictable strategies to improve behavior and help your child feel more secure and positive about themselves and their relationship within the family.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EDMR is an integrative psychotherapy approach for treating post traumatic stress as well as a number of other issues including panic attacks, phobias, pain disorders, addictions, and more. EDMR helps to redirect pathways so that images, sounds or feelings are not relived when the traumatic event is brought to mind.

One-on-one Parenting

Feeling overwhelmed with behavioral issues and conflicting advice from books, friends or other resources? One-on-one parenting sessions allow you to receive empirically tested insights for managing your child's behavior. No more guessing. Simply tools and techniques, backed by research, that actually work.

Insurance Accepted

  •             Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  •             Aetna
  •             Medicaid (Soonercare)
  •             Also accept Private Pay and Out of Network billing

Fees are on a sliding scale depending on treatment factors and financial barriers.